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Tabs3 Software is designed to meet the needs of small to mid-sized firms.
  • Tabs3 Cloud offers the full features of Tabs3 Billing and Financials in a cloud environment, without the hassle of maintaining your own server.
  • Tabs3 Billing offers you a fast and accurate way to enter your time and ensures all of your bills go out on schedule. Accept credit card and ACH payments with Tabs3Pay, and stay on top of all aspects of your firm’s finances with Tabs3’s comprehensive report options.
  • PracticeMaster adds the abilities to fully manage your documents, contacts, and calendar, and perform lightning-fast conflict checks.
  • Tabs3 Financials is an accounting solution specifically designed to meet the requirements of law firms.
  • Tabs3Pay provides flexible and convenient online payments for law firms to offer their clients. It includes credit card and ACH payments, payment scheduling, and optional surcharging.
  • Tabs3 CRM is a streamlined intake and automation integration for PracticeMaster. Firms can track, organize, and qualify incoming leads, convert them to clients, and keep them engaged and returning for services.
  • Tabs3 Websites is a service that provides professional website creation for law firms. It includes modern design, page content and blog posts, SEO optimization, and features that help convert prospects and make it easy for clients to pay their invoices.


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