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Using PracticeMaster Duration
  Navigating & Using PracticeMaster 10:38
  Using Quick Clicks 5:28
Clients & Contacts Duration
  Client Overview 9:37
  Contact Management Key Concepts 2:13
  Adding an Individual Client 1:31
  Adding an Organization Client 2:27
  Working with Secure Clients 1:46
  Working with Addresses 2:57
  Understanding Matter Mode 1:19
  Contact Usage 4:47
  Using the Matter Manager 6:07
Calendar Duration
  Calendar Overview 8:00
  Recurring Dates 3:27
  Alarms Overview 4:35
  Calendar Plan Templates 3:37
Documents Duration
  Document Management 5:18
  Starting with Doc Management 6:15
  Word Doc Assembly Overview 4:12
  Word Doc Assembly Coding 8:28
Search Duration
  Conflict of Interest Search 3:08
  Contact Search 2:37
  Document Search 3:15
Communication Duration
  eNote 3:34
Journal Records  
  E-mail Journal 2:17
  Research Journal 2:39
  Timer Journal 4:22
  Note Journal 1:16
  Phone Journal and Dialer 2:28
PM Reports Duration
  Reports Overview 5:37
PracticeMaster Reports  
  Client Summary Report 0:56
  Daily Report 2:02
  Graphical Calendar Report 2:35
  Graphical Task List 1:30
  Client Inactivity Report 2:48
  File Definition Report 1:30
Custom Report Writer  6:34
Customizing PM Duration
  Working with Areas of Practice 3:46
  Add New Fields in Form Designer 2:33
  Creating New Data Entry Files 2:59
  WorkFlows 4:50
  Filtering Overview 3:38
Integration Duration
  Converting Records to Fees 8:12
  Toolbar Plug-ins 7:42
  Outlook Integration 5:46
  Outlook E-mail Toolbar 3:53

Other Videos

Updated videos have been released which include additional features for the current version of the software. The videos in this library have been maintained because, while the appearance of the application has changed, the concepts in each video are still relevant.