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Using Tabs3 Duration
  Navigating and Using Tabs3 8:36
Clients & Contacts Duration
  Client Overview 9:08
  Contact Management Key Concepts 2:25
  Adding an Individual Client 1:31
  Adding an Organization Client 2:28
  Working with Secure Clients 1:46
  Working with Addresses 2:57
  Understanding Matter Mode 1:28
  Using the Client Manager 3:52
Transaction Duration
  Adding Fees 5:16
  Recap of Hours 1:14
  Adding Costs 5:07
  Adding Payments 6:12
  Using Client Funds 7:59
  Credit Card Processing 4:13
  Write-Up/Down Fees & Costs 4:16
  Write Off Clients 3:00
Billing Duration
  How Rates Work 7:38
  Receipt Allocation 14:54
      Payment Types 0:53
      Method to Apply Payments 2:13
      Receipt Allocation by Invoice 1:47
      Fee Compensation Rules 3:47
      Manual Payment Allocation 4:06
  Contingency Billing 4:27
  Flat Fee Billing 4:42
  Split Billing 6:48
  Progress Billing 3:45
  Task Based Billing and Taskbill 9:54
  Month-End Procedures 4:20
Statements Duration
  Statements Overview 10:08
  Pre-Bill Tracking 6:34
  E-mailing Statements 5:49
  Customizing Statements 19:16
      Statement Customization 5:31
      Statement Designer 3:18
      Statement Templates 9:56
Tabs3 Reports Duration
  Reports Overview 11:13
  Using Report Definitions 3:33
  Running a Report Suite 4:26
  About Graphs 3:12
Accounts Receivable Reports
  Detail and Summary A/R Reports 4:49
  A/R by Invoice Report 3:06
  Collections Report 3:31
Client Reports
  Client Inactivity Report 2:35
  Client List 2:57
  Client Rate Report 1:51
  Fee Compensation Rules Report 3:59
  Top Client Report 4:21
Conflict of Interest Search
  Conflict of Interest Search 4:46
Management Reports
  Allocated Payments Report 3:37
  Cash Receipts Report 1:35
  Client Funds Report 3:09
  Client Ledger Report 4:30
  Client Realization Report 5:02
  Receipt Allocation Report 6:34
  Timekeeper Profitability Report 2:32
  Timekeeper Realization Report 3:48
  Timekeeper Status Report 3:25
  Unallocated Payments Report 2:06
  Write-Up/Write-Down Report 3:11
Productivity Reports
  Category Productivity Report 4:57
  Client Analysis Report 2:23
  Client Productivity Report 3:14
  Productivity Report by Category 2:31
  Productivity Report by Tcode 2:33
  Timekeeper Analysis Report 3:57
  Timekeeper Productivity Report 5:58
Transaction Reports
  Recap of Hours Report 2:55
  Transaction File List 5:33
Work-In-Process Reports
  Detail and Summary WIP Reports 9:16
  Aged Work-In-Process Report 3:49
Integration Duration
  Tabs3 Trust Accounting Integration 5:06
  Tabs3 General Ledger Integration 15:07

Other Videos

Updated videos have been released which include additional features for the current version of the software. The videos in this library have been maintained because, while the appearance of the application has changed, the concepts in each video are still relevant.