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Training Video Help

Training videos are hosted on YouTube, require the use of JavaScript, and are optimized for widescreen aspect monitors with 1280x720 or greater resolution. If the video does not start, displays only an outline of the video, or you receive a warning message in the Information Bar, please visit YouTube and verify that you can access the video directly. Troubleshooting steps and additional information about troubleshooting Training Videos can be found in our Knowledge Base on the Internet, in KB Article R11777, "All About Training Videos".

Training Video Features

Each training video consists of a movie screen and, when in focus, rows of control buttons.

Movie Screen

Each movie begins with a title animation followed by a short instructional video. Note that some elements may be modified slightly to better display features for these tutorials.

You can use F11 to toggle full screen viewing. For best results, view the videos using 1280 x 720 or greater resolution.

Right-Click Menu

Clicking the right mouse button anywhere on the movie displays a YouTube right-click menu. For additional information about the option in this menu, visit the YouTube Help page.

Control Button Bars

The control bars are shown at the top and bottom of each video when focus is on the video, and fade while the video is being played. These contain the title and controls for the video, allowing you to perform several functions.

Clicking the title of the video will open the video in YouTube.

Clicking Watch later, which is available when you are logged into a YouTube account, will add the video to your list of videos. You can return to YouTube at any time to watch the video.

Clicking Share, which is available when you are logged into a YouTube account, allows you to share the video link to social media.

At the bottom of the video are the controls for playing, pausing, changing the volume, displaying subtitles (close captioning), configuring settings, and displaying the video in full screen.

For additional information about any of the option on the control bars, visit the YouTube Help page.

Required Software

To view Tabs3 Software Training Videos, JavaScript must be enabled.