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With its intuitive data entry screens and wide variety of features, Tabs3 is one of the easiest legal time-and-billing packages to use. The Conflict of Interest check alone is enough to make even the most nervous among us take a long, hard look at this affordable, proven product.

Alfred C. Giovetti

Using Tabs3 Billing Software has cut the time for monthly billing by two-thirds. The reconciliation program is outstanding and saves a lot of time.

Cathi Barineau
Williams, Gautier, Gwynn and DeLoach, P.A.

After switching from Timeslips to Tabs3, we found lost billings that were greater than the cost of the software. Tab3 made money for us the first month!

Joseph W. Booth, Esq.
Nelson & Booth

We like how user-friendly Tabs3 and PracticeMaster are compared to ProLaw. We were surprised how fast we learned how to use the applications. We were using PracticeMaster and Tabs3 the first day of operations with little difficulty.

Kristin Snow, Legal Assistant
Needham, Davis, Kirwan & Young, LLP

The use of Tabs3 time and billing software has cut in half the time previously spent each month by the staff gathering and organizing the monthly billing data. The system is flexible enough to incorporate many of the special modifications we had been using with our old billing system, but easy enough to use so that everyone in the office can input their own information after a reasonable amount of training.

Loretta Smith, Office Manager
Scarth-Lyons & Associates

What I like about Tabs3 and PracticeMaster is the way that their products are fully integrated and user-friendly. It is great that the help screens are right there at your fingertips and, if you call tech support, they are available and will stay with you through your problem.

Coral Cogbill
Legal Billing and Accounting Consultant

Tabs3 has turned out to be one of our best software purchases. It is easy to use and significantly more efficient than our prior time and billing program.

Neil M. Goldstein, Tech Partner
McCarthy, Johnson & Miller, L.C.

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