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Version 2022 Training Videos

Version 2023 is now available. Additional videos are available for Version 2023.

  All Tabs3 Software 30 videos
  Tabs3 Billing 41 videos
  PracticeMaster 28 videos
  Tabs3 Financials (Trust, AP, & GL) 22 videos

All Tabs3 Software

What's New Duration
  What's New in Version 2022  2:35
  Updating to Version 2022  4:30
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Overviews Duration
  Tabs3 Software in 30 Seconds 0:32
  Tabs3 Software Overview 5:21
  Tabs3 Billing Basics 3:21
  Tabs3 Billing Overview 3:41
  PracticeMaster Overview 4:46
  Tabs3 Financials Overview 4:16
  Platinum Overview 3:07
  Introducing Tabs3Pay 1:21
  Introducing LexShare  1:29
  Introducing Tabs3 CRM  1:24
  5 Reasons Firms Need CRM  3:01
Utilities/Maintenance Duration
  Using Lock Out All Users 2:39
  Data File Integrity Check 2:23
Getting Started Duration
Navigating Through the Software 3:56
  Customizing & Using Quick Launch 2:54
  Using and Customizing My Actions 4:14
Tabbed Mode Splitscreen 1:53
  Working Remotely 2:44
  Hosting with ProCirrus 2:27
  Hosting with Uptime Practice  2:13
  Compare All Actions & Task Folders 2:30
  Users vs. Timekeepers  2:31
  Navigating Help Resources  4:12
System Configuration Duration
  Firm Information 1:49
  User Configuration 3:09
  Using Access Profiles 3:35
Platinum Software Duration
  Platinum Overview 3:07
  Using Tabs3 Connect 2:06
  Using Tabs3 Connect Timers 2:49

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Tabs3 Billing

Using Tabs3 Billing Duration
  Tabs3 Billing Basics 3:21
  Tabs3 Billing Overview 3:18
  Tabs3 Billing Customization 3:46
  Working with Lists 3:44
  Using Quick Clicks 3:33
  Using QuickViews 3:40
  Tabs3 Data Entry Shortcuts 4:46
  Working with Timekeepers 3:43
Clients & Contacts Duration
  Getting Started with Clients 4:01
  Using the Matter Manager 3:32
Working with Contacts  4:12
Transactions Duration
  Working with Fees 3:09
  Using the Recap of Hours 2:06
  Working with Costs 3:06
  Working with Client Funds 4:55
  Changing WIP Transactions 2:27
Reports Duration
  Working with Reports 5:15
  Transaction File List 3:08
  Write Off Report 1:41
  Client Ledger Report  3:02
Billing Options Duration
  How Rates Work 3:36
  Effective Date of New Rates 2:00
  Contingency Billing 3:22
  Flat Fee Billing 2:45
  Split Billing 3:37
  eBilling Using Taskbill 4:03
  Using Courtesy Discounts 2:23
  Using Write-Ups/Downs 2:43
  Working with Write Offs 3:14
Statements Duration
  Statement Generation Basics 4:41
  Using Statement Manager 3:48
  Email Statements Overview 4:55
  Utilizing Statement Templates 3:45
  Working with Statement Designer 4:56
Adding a Letterhead Image 2:34
  Reviewing Pre-Bills Digitally 4:07
Receipts Duration
  Working with Payments 3:34
  Working with Payment Adjustments 4:08
Credit Cards Using Tabs3Pay 4:43
  Schedule Payments Tabs3Pay  3:02
Credit Cards Using LawPay 5:20

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Using PracticeMaster Duration
  PracticeMaster Overview 4:46
Using Quick Clicks 3:33
Working with eNotes 3:01
Accessing the eNote Window 2:14
  Outlook Cal/Contact Integration 4:08
  Using the Outlook Toolbar Plug-in 3:19
  Using Timers in PracticeMaster 4:19
  Working with the Journal File  4:07
Customization Duration
  Using QuickViews 3:40
  Using WorkFlows 4:37
  Working with AOPs 3:26
  Adding a Field to PracticeMaster 5:03
Reports Duration
  Working with Reports 5:15
  Conflict of Interest Search 4:16
Clients & Contacts Duration
  Getting Started with Clients 3:02
Using the Matter Manager 3:34
Working with Contacts  4:12
Using Merge Contacts  3:31
Calendar Duration
  Calendar Overview 5:03
  Using Recurring Dates 2:26
  Using the Recap of Hours 2:06
  Enabling Time Zones 3:12
  Scheduling a Meeting  3:05
Documents Duration
  Starting with Doc Management 5:07
  Intro to Word Document Assembly 2:27
  Intro to Coding Assembly Templates 5:37
  LexShare eSignatures   4:11
  LexShare Send & Request   4:13

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Tabs3 Financials

Using Tabs3 Financials Duration
  Tabs3 Financials Overview 4:03
  Track Advanced Client Costs  5:13
  Working with Reports 5:15
Trust Duration
  Trust Customization Settings 2:22
  Setting Up a Trust Account 2:42
  Working with Trust Transactions 3:28
  Printing Checks in Trust Accounting 3:34
  Credit Cards Using Tabs3Pay 4:43
  Credit Cards Using LawPay 5:20
  Working with 1099s 4:34
  Easy Filing 1099s Using Tabs3 E-file 3:31
Accounts Payable Duration
  AP Customization Settings 2:53
  Adding a Vendor 3:05
  Paying a Vendor 3:50
  Invoice Attachments 1:21
  Printing Checks in Accounts Payable 4:03
  Working with 1099s 4:34
  Easy Filing 1099s Using Tabs3 E-file 3:31
General Ledger Duration
  General Ledger Client Settings 2:00
  Using the Chart of Accounts 2:43
  Working with Journal Entries 3:24
  General Ledger Reconciliation 3:33

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