Update to the Current Version


If you are on Version 18 or older, you need to install each preceding version before updating to the Current Version of Tabs3 Software. Beginning with Version 2020, a maintenance plan or monthly subscription is required ​​​​​​for continued use ​​​​​​of Tabs3 Software.

Firms on Version 14 and later can update using the links below. If your firm is running Version 12 or older, contact Tabs3 for more information about updating.


Questions? Contact Tabs3 Support or your Tabs3 Consultant.

Current Version

Update from Version 19 to the Current Version – Watch Video

Read the Conversion Instructions  |  Download the Current Version

Version 19

Update from Version 18 to Version 19

Read the Conversion Instructions  |  Download Version 19

Version 18

Update from Version 17 to Version 18

Read the Conversion Instructions  |  Download Version 18

Version 17

Update from Version 16 to Version 17

Read the Conversion Instructions  |  Download Version 17

Version 16

Update from Version 15 to Version 16

Read the Conversion Instructions  |  Download Version 16

Version 15

Update from Version 14 to Version 15

Read the Conversion Instructions  |  Download Version 15

How do I know what version I’m on?

Select “Help | About” from any Tabs3 Software product.

Is your firm on maintenance?

Updates are only available for firms on maintenance. If you are not on maintenance and are interested in updating, contact updates@tabs3.com or (402) 419-2200.

Not sure if your firm is on maintenance? Find out here.

Get Help Updating


Contact a Tabs3 Consultant

Contact your consultant directly, or submit a contact form here.


Contact Tabs3 Technical Support

(402) 419-2210