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Tabs3 Billing seamlessly integrates with PracticeMaster to improve communication and organization in your office. Scroll down to watch recordings of our 10-minute webinars on matter organization, repetitive tasks, document management, and tracking emails, events, and contacts.

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Keep It Together

Thursday, November 12th | 10:30 am



Did you know that PracticeMaster automatically syncs with your contacts in Tabs3 Billing? All the details about a matter and related bills are consolidated to reduce data entry and easily convert work to fees. The Matter Manager in PracticeMaster means less busy work for everybody in your office.


Automate the Boring Stuff

Thursday, November 19th | 10:30 am



The quickest way to explain a WorkFlow is “When I do this, PracticeMaster does this and this and this and this…” so now you don’t have to create all follow-up tasks manually. Save time on processes you do every day or set up less frequent tasks so that nothing gets missed when it’s time to do them.


I Know Exactly Where That Is!

Thursday, December 3rd | 10:30 am




PracticeMaster makes it easy for anyone in your firm to find documents with standard file names and storage. Automated rules can name and save a document directly from a Word doc or PDF and then connect it to a client in PracticeMaster for simple, organized document management.


A Tool We Can’t Live Without

Thursday, December 10th | 10:30 am




How does your firm use Outlook? Probably for emails, calendars, and contacts. You can directly connect your calendar and contacts to PracticeMaster, which means you have accurate, up-to-date information in both systems. Plus, everyone in your firm can connect emails directly to a client in PracticeMaster, so all client communications are in one place.