Debit cards and eChecks are available as payment options through ProPay.

Yes. Tabs3 can assign different accounts to timekeepers (timekeepers can have separate accounts), locations (each branch office can have a separate account), and account types (Tabs3 Billing or Trust Accounting), or any combination thereof.

Yes! ProPay can deduct fees out of your operating account, instead of a trust account, to satisfy your state bar trust requirements. Before allowing a client to make a trust payment with a credit card, you should talk to your state bar about rules for accepting credit card payments for trust accounts because it differs by state.

Currently, Tabs3 only integrates with ProPay. However, you don’t need to change your overall banking relationships, so upgrading to ProPay is quick and easy.

ProPay, a TSYS company, offers a simpler payment process, easier reporting, and acceptance of all major credit cards. ProPay ensures that all transaction information for both firm and client, remains safe and secure. Like Tabs3, ProPay has an outstanding local support team (not outsourced), so you can contact them at with any questions you have about your account.

As a Tabs3 user, you are entitled to low processing fees from ProPay. All processing fees are deducted out of your account at the end of the month, not out of each transaction, so deposits will match the amount of the payment. There are no annual fees.