“Tabs3 is amazing with billing allocations. It allows us to do fee splitting that most web-based programs do not allow.

“After using Timeslips for over a decade, we were ready for a change. We never found Timeslips to be intuitive…the program was difficult to figure out and the customer service was non-existent. Tabs3 has been a breath of fresh air. The program is easy to figure out and the customer support has been top notch. I can be confident that when I call for assistance, I will reach a helpful and competent representative. I have nothing but good things to say about Tabs3 and would recommend it without a second thought.”

There is nothing else out there as elegant to work with, reliable, compatible with other software and user-friendly with the most friendly, helpful support team. Worth every penny, including the costs of conversion. There are no cons.

Tabs3 is up to date with the most recent UTBMS formats specified by the LEDES Oversight Committee. To use task-based billing with Tabs3, you need to purchase a Tabs3 Taskbill Software license. Learn more about Taskbill.

Online payments are an effective and efficient way to boost your law firm’s profitability while delivering a better client experience. As part of Tabs3 Billing for law practices, Tabs3Pay lets you accept online payments and authorize credit card and eCheck payments directly within the software.

Even the best legal billing software requires support and maintenance over time. A Maintenance Plan provides you with free technical support, software updates, and substantial discounts on upgrading Tabs3 Software to allow more users or gain more features. A Maintenance Plan or monthly subscription is required to use Tabs3 Software.

Tabs3 Software offers a free program that will automatically convert your Version 10 and later Timeslips data to Tabs3 Billing. You can learn more about this conversion program and our 20% discount here.

An “active user” is anyone who is logged into Tabs3 Billing Software at a given time.

A “timekeeper” is anyone who has their time tracked in Tabs3 Billing Software.

Yes. The Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager gives you a quick look into all of a client’s vital statistics. A client’s contact information, recent payments, work-in-process, accounts receivable, client funds and trust balance are neatly presented on-screen. Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager also gives you one-click access to the tasks you do most often. Customize them so that the reports you run and the forms you fill out every day are only one click away.