What is HotBackup?

HotBackup makes backing up your files easy. All you have to do is set a backup schedule, and backups run in the background while you keep working. With HotBackup you can set it and forget it.

You can focus on billable hours.

You don’t have to think about running nightly backups, you can set HotBackup to run automatically every night. You can also set backup notifications so you or a member of your office is notified each time a backup runs successfully.

If there is an error, the failure notification feature provides a powerful built-in safeguard.

You can keep working.

Your files back up while everyone in your office is in the software. This eliminates wasted time when your office has to exit the software to run a backup.

Your backup is complete.

Most often when a firm calls support and needs to restore from a backup, their backup is old (sometimes years old), non-existent, not working (and no one knew), or only has some of the files they need. If a firm needs to restore, and their backup isn’t up-to-date and functional it won’t do any good. We would love to help you recover, but we can’t help create something that doesn’t exist.  It’s a relief when a firm has a HotBackup to go back to because we know it will work. 

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