How to Streamline Your Law Firm's Client Intake with Tabs3 CRM

by Myrna Johns / October 19, 2023

How to Streamline Your Law Firm

Expanding your client base is one of the best ways to grow your law firm. But without the right tools, all of the steps involved in lead management and the hurdles of client intake can require more time and attention than you have to spare. (After all, you must also provide excellent service to your existing clients.)

The good news is that today, law firms can leverage legal-specific client relationship management software like Tabs3 CRM to streamline the administrative and marketing aspects of growing your client base.

Even better, Tabs3 CRM integrates with our legal practice management software PracticeMaster, which means you can keep all your client data under one roof.

What is legal CRM?

As law firms grow, it can become incredibly time-consuming to market your firm, perform all of the necessary tasks associated with client intake, maintain strong client relationships, and complete enough billable hours.

Client relationship management (CRM) software is designed to streamline the client intake process and expand aspects of your marketing strategy. Yet practices that start out with industry-agnostic CRMs often face additional costs and effort to adapt their CRM to the specific needs of law firms.

Legal CRM takes the best parts of CRM technology and adds features that make it easy for law firms to implement in less time, with a faster return on investment.

Legal CRM includes features like:

  • Customizable intelligent intake forms
  • Automated texts and emails
  • Streamlined marketing planning
  • Document automation
  • Secure file-sharing
  • Data synchronization

5 ways Tabs3 CRM can transform your client intake

Your tools should work for you, not create more work. Tabs3 CRM is designed to make marketing and client intake easy for law firms.

1.   Engage more leads through automated marketing campaigns

Converting leads into clients can require a lot of touchpoints. When done manually through individual emails, texts, or phone calls, this process can be quite time-consuming.

When you automate lead-converting marketing campaigns, though, you can nurture leads more effectively and with greater results. Tabs3 CRM helps firms set up drip campaigns by:

  • Creating personalized email templates
  • Scheduling follow-ups automatically
  • Tracking engagement for leads throughout the process

If you’re worried that your messages will come across as “automated,” remember that you can fully customize your messaging. Automated email sequences and text messages don’t have to be impersonal.

You can use Tabs3 CRM to create personalized marketing email campaigns specific to each step in your client intake process. Email drip campaigns require an initial setup, and once complete, you can use them indefinitely with only minor adjustments, saving your firm countless hours of email outreach to potential leads.

2.   Use customizable logic-based intake forms for greater efficiency

A manual client intake process is time-consuming and error-prone. It requires repetitive, tedious administrative work. Moreover, if a lead isn’t the right fit for your firm, you may feel frustrated at the time spent on work that didn’t generate revenue.

Logic-based intake forms help firms identify which leads may be a fit for their firm from the start. Through customizable and intelligent intake forms, law firms can pose questions that qualify leads based on the practice area or services required.

Because Tabs3 CRM integrates with PracticeMaster, any data generated can be synced between the two applications. This saves time on data entry and reduces human errors.

3.   Reduce follow-up with clients

Even after intake forms are submitted, you have more work to do before a lead officially becomes a client. This may mean phone calls, consultations, and further meetings.

Leading your potential client through these meetings and getting them to sign on the dotted line requires good communication and follow-up. After all, you’re busy, but so are your leads.

Tabs3 CRM can reduce your workload by sending out automated messages to:

  • Schedule meetings
  • Remind leads about upcoming meetings
  • Send follow-up paperwork
  • And more

4.   Assemble documents automatically and share securely through text or email

Document management is a critical part of the client intake process, but it has historically been a hands-on process. Whether it’s document assembly or reminding clients to return a signed document, even minor issues can delay the intake process and leave your client with a less-than-perfect first impression.

With a legal CRM, law firms can automate document assembly to streamline client intake workflows by pulling from client profiles within the CRM.

Tabs3 CRM makes it easy to share files with clients securely, obtain legally binding eSignatures from clients, and import documents once signed. With text message automation, you can share documents securely and send automated follow-ups, reminders, eSignature requests, and appointment confirmations. Firms can begin their relationship with new clients on the right foot through a prompt and seamless client intake process.

5.    Maximize your productivity and efficiency with integrations

When your systems don’t integrate, you spend more time switching between systems, transferring data, and triple-checking for errors.

In addition to the relationships you build with your clients, an integrated CRM saves your legal team significant time throughout the week with streamlined workflows that maximize efficiency.

Rather than constantly switching between different platforms and devices, Tabs3 CRM provides a single, user-friendly platform where a law firm can manage client intake, schedule appointments, and share files without missing a beat.

When a lead becomes a client, Tabs3 CRM seamlessly integrates with PracticeMaster to simplify client information data entry, making it easier than ever to stay organized and simplify the process of managing your matters.

Streamline your client intake process with Tabs3 CRM

Growing your client base doesn’t have to be a catch-22. It is possible to bring in more clients in less time without sacrificing billable hours for your current clients.

With Tabs3 CRM, your law firm can spend more time providing expert legal services and less time on marketing and lead conversion. And rather than sacrificing your marketing efforts or the quality of your client relationship management, Tabs3 CRM simplifies the process to enable effective marketing and client communication with tools specifically built for law firms.

Boost your productivity and profitability with Tabs3 CRM. Schedule a demo today and see how marketing automation can grow your law firm to new heights.