It’s Cyber Security Month! Take Advantage of Built-in Security Features Any Way You Access Tabs3 Software

by Myrna Johns / October 12, 2023

It’s Cyber Security Month! Take Advantage of Built-in Security Features Any Way You Access Tabs3 Software

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the 20th annual event designed to raise awareness about cybersecurity measures anyone can take to stay safe online. But for law firms, practicing cybersecurity year-round is critical for protecting sensitive client data.

One of the most common issues facing law firms today is the rapid advancement of technology and subsequent security threats from hacks and data breaches. What worked five or ten years ago may not be the most effective safeguard today.

In the ABA’s 2022 Legal Technology Survey Report, 27% of respondents stated that their firm had experienced some sort of security breach, while an additional 25% reported that they didn’t know if their firm experienced a security breach. And security breaches where sensitive data is involved can be costly; in 2023, the average cost of a data breach was $4.45 million.

Suffice it to say cybersecurity is essential for law firms today. Thankfully, your billing and practice management software can help secure your firm’s sensitive data with built-in security features.

With Tabs3’s security features, your data stays secure any way you access your firm’s practice management software. In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, here are six ways security features in Tabs3 protect your firm and clients.

1.  Secure file sharing allows attorneys to collaborate from anywhere

Currently, email is one of the more vulnerable vehicles for sharing information. Email practices are prone to human error, phishing scams, and account hacks that increase the risk of compromised client data.

Similarly, email can also be vulnerable for your clients. Almost everyone is familiar with emails sent to them from “Amazon” or the “IRS” asking for sensitive data. Many of these phishing emails are increasingly difficult to spot.

A secure file-sharing system provides added security and peace of mind for your firm and your clients. By having an established procedure for sharing files, both parties can identify potential phishing attempts, and their information stays secure.

For example, Tabs3’s practice management software PracticeMaster integrates with LexShare, a software solution that provides bank-level security measures for file-sharing. It provides additional layers of security as you collaborate with colleagues or clients, even when one or both parties are working remotely.

Remote work is the new normal for many firms. Last year, 87% of lawyers reported that their law firms allow for remote work. However, remote work poses additional security and compliance risks when it comes to accessing confidential or proprietary information, so it’s crucial to share documents and files securely.

2.  eSignatures are secure and legally binding

Few clients want to come to an in-person meeting for the sole purpose of signing a document for an ongoing case. Digital signatures are increasingly common, but obtaining signatures via email can increase exposure to data or security breaches.

That’s where using a secure eSignature feature comes in. PracticeMaster has integrated with LexSign so that users can obtain signatures securely and remotely. These signatures are legally binding, and allow clients to communicate with their attorneys from anywhere for added convenience.

eSignatures also improve internal workflows by reducing the steps it takes to obtain client signatures, all while using secure cloud technology to protect files from potential security breaches. These eSignatures feature specialized encryption tools, secure links, and knowledge-based authentication.

3.  SSL protocols provide bank-level security

Banks and other financial institutions use Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) to create a secure connection between multiple services. SSL also encrypts data between websites, browsers, and devices.

Tabs3 Platinum Edition uses SSL to establish encrypted connections between remote devices and a central server, which is especially important for remote workers or clients. With an SSL, attorneys can access confidential client documents securely from their smartphone or laptop.

4.  Tabs3 Connect creates a secure connection anywhere

With Tabs3 Platinum Edition, attorneys also have access to Tabs3 Connect, which provides secure access to Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster when out of the office.

Whether you work remotely or just need to access client data on-the-go, a mobile-friendly legal software application can help you access data safely from a secure server without copying files to your personal device. Through an encrypted connection, legal staff and attorneys can confidently access their practice management system through their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or home desktops.

5.  Hot backup and auto-recovery tools protect data

When time is literally money for law firms, a lost connection or ill-timed computer crash can have significant impacts on your team.

The Hot Backup feature with Tabs3 Platinum Edition empowers users to back up data, even while people are working within your practice management system. Users can schedule regular backups or start backups whenever they need it. For added peace of mind, users can receive email confirmation upon completion of each Hot Backup.

To optimize security for your firm, admins can control how many backups are stored on your server and where they are stored.

If you happen to lose connection while in the courthouse or while working from home, Tabs3’s auto-recovery tools have you covered so you can work without worrying about disruptions or connection issues.

6.  Access restrictions protect sensitive information

For law firms, not every team member needs access to every piece of information in the system. Protocols for access restriction can provide safe strategies for protecting client data.

Access protocols in practice management software let you determine who has access to which documents and how users interact with them.

This access customization keeps sensitive information secure and prevents unwanted alterations, misplacement, or deletion of sensitive data. You can even grant or restrict access for files down to specific fields, such as appointment dates or client phone numbers within your client database.

Access restrictions ensure that sensitive information is only available to those who need it.

Protect your law firm with Tabs3

Your legal billing and practice management software should be functional and secure.

Get on the path to protection this Cyber Security Month and schedule a demo to learn how Tabs3 Software can protect your law firm and clients.