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  •  Tabs3 and PracticeMaster share clients, fees, costs, users, timekeepers, codes and security settings to save you tedious duplication of effort that you get when using billing and practice management software from different companies.
  • Time that you record in PracticeMaster is easily converted to a fee record that is included in the statement you run in Tabs3.
    Tabs3 General Ledger Software
  • Costs, payments and fees that you enter in Tabs3 Billing Software are automatically entered into Tabs3 General Ledger Software
  • Changes and deletions to costs and payments that you make in Tabs3 Billing Software are recorded in Tabs3 General Ledger Software.
  • Payment refunds and reversals are passed along to Tabs3 General Ledger Software.
  • Write-ups and write-downs of costs are automatically entered into Tabs3

General Ledger Software.

Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software

  • Charges recorded in Tabs3 Accounts Payable are charged to the appropriate client in Tabs3 Billing Software.
  • Changes and deletions to unpaid Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software invoices can be easily made in Tabs3 Billing Software at the same time.

Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software

  • Trust account balances appear on work-in-process reports in Tabs3 Billing Software.
  • Trust transactions and balances can appear on Tabs3 Billing Software statements.
  • Payments to your firm recorded in Tabs3 Trust Accounting are automatically shown as payments to your firm in Tabs3 Billing Software.

Tabs3 Taskbill Software

Tabs3 Taskbill is the easy way to save Tabs3 billing information for electronic submission.


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  • Save fee and cost information in electronic formats required by your clients.
  • Over 100 file formats and sub-formats supported.

Tabs3 Cost Recovery Software

Tabs3 Cost Recovery Software lets you integrate your phone, photocopier, fax, or online research with Tabs3.

  • Import costs from your hardware into Tabs3.
  • Tabs3 automatically assigns costs to clients.
  • Export Tabs3 client names to related hardware, like your photocopier, for easy tracking.


  • Integrates with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Editions.
  • Client costs added to Tabs3 Billing software post to QuickBooks.
  • Client costs added to QuickBooks post to Tabs3 Billing Software.
  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise must be installed on one computer that also runs Tabs3 Billing Software (when used on a network, QuickBooks does not need to be installed on every computer that runs Tabs3 Billing Software).

PenSoft® Payroll Solutions

PenSoft provides professional payroll software for any small to mid-sized US business and accommodates any combination of incomes, deductions, benefits, taxes, and more.