Tabs3 Platinum Software

Upgrade to a Platinum version for the top of the line Tabs3 software. Platinum features include.

Tabs3 Connect

With Tabs3 Connect you can:

  • Enter your time
  • See all of your appointments (and everyone else’s) on your firmfirm-wide calendar
  • Manage your task list
  • See the most recent work done on a matter
  • Review case documents
  • Look up a client’s billing summary
  • See a client list
  • Look up contact information
  • Add costs
  • Send and receive eNotes (intra-office instant messages)
  • …and more! Learn more about Tabs3 Connect.

Tabs3 Connect provides access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster when you are away from the office.. Log in to www.Tabs3Connect.com from your phone(iPhone ®, Android, etc.), tablet, laptop, or your computer at home (PC or Mac).


Back up your data while people keep working.


Protect your data from damage caused by unforeseen power outages or lost network connections.


Get reports, filtering, and sorting 10 to 30 times faster. If you have a large data set, lots of users, or a congested network, you will notice significant results.

Log Off User

Give all users a chance to save their work and exit before they are logged off automatically. Use Log Off User when it’s time to do maintenance work, such as installing software updates.


eNote is intra-office messaging in PracticeMaster. Sometimes you cannot wait for someone to find your email in an overflowing inbox. Other times you need to send a quick message while someone is on the phone. When you receive an eNote, it pops up on your screen. You can easily reply, forward, or dismiss it. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can set your status to “Do Not Disturb,” so your eNotes can be read later. You can also use eNote to send co-workers links to appointments or any other record for quick reference.

Exchange Connector

Platinum’s Exchange Connector synchronizes PracticeMaster calendars and contacts with Outlook via Microsoft Exchange. Because Microsoft Exchange is always on, appointments and contacts on your phone are synchronized with PracticeMaster even when your computer is off. That means people at the office will be able to see appointments that you add on your phone.

Advanced Reports

The power of the Platinum server software and server side processing makes the following data intensive Tabs3 reports available:

Accounts Receivable by Timekeeper Report

This report lists clients with the receivables broken down by working timekeeper. It helps the billing department see which attorneys may need collections assistance and it makes it easier to determine how much each working timekeeper is currently owed.

Detail Accounts Receivable Report

As a Platinum user, you have the option to include detailed information for fees and costs, allowing you to view aged receivables for each working timekeeper and type of cost.

Platinum SQL

In addition to all of the Platinum features, you can use 64-bit server capabilities for faster data queries in external programs such as Microsoft Access® and Excel® with Platinum SQL.

Read the Understanding Platinum SQL whitepaper