Your Matters Have Never Been This Organized

Your Matters Have Never Been This Organized

The Matter Manager shows client information and a timeline of activity for any matter – emails, documents, fees, appointments, costs, research notes, and more. Pull up a billing summary to quickly see what’s been billed, paid, and the balance of the client’s trust account.

A Calendar Designed for Attorneys

A Calendar Designed for Attorneys

View appointments by day, week, or month for everyone in your office with a firm-wide calendar. Find appointments fast by color-coding them by staff member or type of activity. Drag and drop to easily reschedule events. Integrates with Outlook®.

Better Conflict of Interest Searches

Better Conflict of Interest Searches

Instantly see possible conflicts of interest. Click on any conflict to see all of the details. Search partial words and phonetically. Read our white paper “Top Five Tips for Conflict of Interest Checking.”

“PracticeMaster has a wide range of functionality. Creating and sharing documents, sending notifications to coworkers, and tracking billable hours are all possible without any add-ons that muddy the experience.”

Ben Hammar, Law Clerk
Atwood, Holsten, Brown, Deaver & Spier Law Firm

Manage Documents and Find Them Fast

Manage Documents and Find Them Fast

Let PracticeMaster name and file documents for you so nothing gets lost. We have an easy way to import your documents to get you started. After that, use PracticeMaster plug-ins to save documents from Word, Excel®, Windows Folders or Adobe ® Acrobat / Reader.

Document Assembly That Saves Time

Document Assembly That Saves Time

Use information you have already entered into PracticeMaster to fill in the blanks for common documents, using PracticeMaster Document Assembly (Microsoft® Word required). You quickly end up with a great first draft to review. PracticeMaster Document Assembly can automatically bill for any document. PracticeMaster also integrates with HotDocs®.

Tabs3 Connect

Tabs3 Connect

Upgrade to Platinum to securely enter your time, see your calendar and documents, and review any matter while you are away from the office. Log in from your smartphone, tablet, or any computer with an internet connection.

Easily Customize Client Entries

Easily Customize Client Entries

Collect different client information for different areas of practice. Area of Practice Templates let you change the client entry pages based on matter type, so that all data fields are relevant to the matter, and arranged just the way you want them.

How long does it take to check for a conflict of interest?

Using PracticeMaster’s proprietary indexing, the average conflict of interest check takes a matter of seconds.

What is an “active user?”

An “active user” is someone who is logged in to PracticeMaster at a given time.

What is Document Assembly?

The Document Assembly feature in PracticeMaster lets you instantly assemble documents that you frequently use. You set up a template for a document that includes placeholders for specific types of information, such as client name, client address or judge. Then, you assemble the document and PracticeMaster inserts the relevant client and case information in your template to produce a new document.

How does PracticeMaster integrate with Outlook?

PracticeMaster can sync contacts and calendar appointments with Outlook. PracticeMaster plug-ins in Outlook can also remind you to track the time you spend on emails, and save emails into a client’s matter file in PracticeMaster.

Can I use PracticeMaster on my phone or tablet?

There are two ways to use PracticeMaster on your phone or tablet. First, if you integrate with Outlook you can synchronize your contacts and calendars between PracticeMaster, Outlook and your phone. Second, Tabs3 Connect, a Platinum feature, provides access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster anywhere you can connect to the internet. No apps to download, simply log in using your phone, tablet, laptop, or offsite computer. Tabs3 Connect gives you access to your client and contact information, fee and cost entry, personal and firm-wide calendar, and more. On phones and tablets, you can tap to create a fee, and flick to scroll through a list. Tabs3 Connect was designed to protect attorneys’ sensitive information. The information you access using Tabs3 Connect is secure because it resides at your office, on your computer. It won’t be stored on someone else’s server in the cloud, or on a phone that you might lose. Learn more about Tabs3 Connect

How can I organize what I see in a calendar?

PracticeMaster helps you find what you’re looking for faster by color-coding appointments by case, employee or area of practice. You can also select whose calendar shows up on your screen — everyone in your firm, or just the people working on a specific case.

How does PracticeMaster integrate with Tabs3?

PracticeMaster and Tabs3 automatically synchronize your client’s contact information. Fee and cost entries that you create in PracticeMaster flow into Tabs3 Billing Software.

Does PracticeMaster work with WordPerfect?

PracticeMaster does integrate with WordPerfect via HotDocs. For detailed information, email or call (402) 419-2200.

How do I purchase CalendarRules Court Rules?

If you would like to subscribe to CalendarRules court rules, you can request a quote here or send the list of courts desired (the more specific, the better) and mention that you’re currently using PracticeMaster to

Can I view other people’s calendars?

Yes, PracticeMaster lets you see and schedule appointments for other people in your office without the expense of Microsoft Exchange Server. PracticeMaster also gives you security settings to limit those who see appointments for certain attorneys or clients. “Can I schedule recurring appointments?” Yes, PracticeMaster makes it easy to schedule recurring appointments, whether it’s a meeting every other Tuesday or one on the 14th day of every month.

What programs does PracticeMaster integrate with?

You can see the list of software that integrates with PracticeMaster by clicking here.

Can I use PracticeMaster to organize my documents?

PracticeMaster includes Document Management. This feature allows you to create a convention for naming and saving documents for your firm, and then let PracticeMaster save and name your documents automatically from programs like Microsoft Word, Adobe, or Outlook email attachments. Import any file, or batches of files, to PracticeMaster by right-clicking and selecting “Send to PracticeMaster.”

What are the benefits of a maintenance plan?

Even the best legal billing software requires support and maintenance over time. A Maintenance Plan provides you with free technical support, software updates, and substantial discounts on upgrading Tabs3 Software to allow more users or gain more features. A Maintenance Plan or monthly subscription is required to use Tabs3 Software.