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There is nothing else out there as elegant to work with, reliable, compatible with other software and user-friendly with the most friendly, helpful support team. Worth every penny, including the costs of conversion. There are no cons.

Bonnie Humphrey, Attorney
Humphrey Law Office, PC

Tabs3 offers a single integrated solution with modules that cover document management, bookkeeping, billing, trust accounting, accounts payable, and general ledger. That makes Tabs3 the Ferrari of law firm software – but without huge upfront costs and expensive annual maintenance fees.

Tracey Keppel Pumphrey
Pumphrey Law

We are impressed with the ability to customize PracticeMaster to meet our firm’s needs. We have taken significant advantage of the new features offered in Document Management as well as the WorkFlows.

Cindy Fink, Director of Operations
Michael Sullivan & Associates

I have used this software ever since the ABA Technology Section approved it in the 1980s. It is easy to use, accurate, comprehensive, and indispensable for my law practice . I love that my trust accounts and sub-accounts always balance to the penny EVERY DAY. It integrates seamlessly with the other Tabs3 software that I use. I am a solo-practitioner with a virtual office and no bookkeeper; however, up to several million dollars may pass through my trust account each year. The accounting is always absolutely accurate, reconciliation each month is easy, and this software keeps me in strict compliance with my state’s trust account ethical rules all of the time.

Jennifer Rydberg, Attorney
Rydberg Law

PracticeMaster has helped our family law and estate planning firm manage both professional and client contacts. The document management functionality has all but eliminated issues regarding misplacement of files . The ability to utterly customize the forms for clients and contacts is much appreciated, and the syncing between Outlook and PracticeMaster works flawlessly .

Josieda Lord, Office Manager
Conner Lawrence Rodney Olhiser & Barrett LLP

After using Timeslips for over a decade, we were ready for a change. We never found Timeslips to be intuitive…the program was difficult to figure out and the customer service was non-existent. Tabs3 has been a breath of fresh air. The program is easy to figure out and the customer support has been top notch. I can be confident that when I call for assistance, I will reach a helpful and competent representative. I have nothing but good things to say about Tabs3 and would recommend it without a second thought.

Amanda Oster, Administrator
Thurman Law Office

Tabs3 is amazing with billing allocations. It allows us to do fee splitting that most web-based programs do not allow.

David Adams, Partner
Pathway Law LLC

PracticeMaster has a wide range of functionality . Creating and sharing documents, sending notifications to coworkers, and tracking billable hours are all possible without any add-ons that muddy the experience.

Ben Hammar, Law Clerk
Atwood, Holsten, Brown, Deaver & Spier Law Firm

We have been using Tabs3 for over 6 years. The company has been around a very long time and has a sold, feature rich product that can be tailored to work for most everyone. Lots of modules to support accounting, document management and payables. They have integration with several key players like Worldox. There are many more features than any one firm would use but it is built to be flexible and to accommodate a wide range of practices and use.

Tim Carr, Firm Manager
InFocus Family Law Firm, P.L.