What software does Tabs3 Billing Software integrate with?

Tabs3 Billing Software integrates with Tabs3 Financials software, PracticeMaster, e-billing (via Tabs3 Taskbill), Tabs3 Cost Recovery Software, QuickBooks®, and Pensoft® PayrollSolutions.

Can I use Tabs3 on my phone?

Tabs3 Connect provides access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster anywhere you can connect to the internet. No apps to download, simply log in using your phone, tablet, laptop, or offsite computer. Tabs3 Connect gives you access to your client and contact information, fee and cost entry, personal and firm-wide calendar, and more. On phones and tablets, you can tap to create a fee, and flick to scroll through a list. Tabs3 Connect was designed to protect attorneys’ sensitive information. The information you access using Tabs3 Connect is secure because it resides at your office, on your computer. It won’t be stored on someone else’s server in the cloud, or on a phone that you might lose.

What accounting software should I use with Tabs3 Billing Software?

Tabs3 Financials software is the most efficient way to handle your firm’s finances. This seamless integration between Tabs3 Financials software and Tabs3 Billing Software will save you hours of data entry time. Tabs3 Financials products include trust accounting software, general ledger software for financial reports, and accounts payable software for check writing.

With the same look and feel as Tabs3 Billing Software, Tabs3 Financials software will be easy to learn. If you ever have a question, you can call one support team that can answer your questions about any of the products and how they work.

Can I set different billing rates for each client and case?

Yes. In Tabs3 Billing Software, you can use a billing rate table that lets you set multiple rates for each timekeeper. You can also customize rates by creating a billing rate table for each timekeeper or timekeeper level (e.g., partner, associate, paralegal, etc.) for a specific client or case.

Can I customize my statements?

Yes. Tabs3 Billing Software’s statement form designer lets you customize statements by adding and positioning images, text and data on your statement.

Can I email statements to clients?

Yes. Tabs3 includes the option to deliver statements to clients via mail, email, or both. Watch our video on emailing statements!

Does Tabs3 support electronic task-based billing?

Tabs3 is up to date with the most recent UTBMS formats specified by the LEDES Oversight Committee. To use task-based billing with Tabs3, you need to purchase a Tabs3 Taskbill Software license.

Can I manage retainers using the Client Funds feature in Tabs3 Billing?

If your firm’s retainers are held in your firm’s operating account, then Client Funds is a great place to manage those retainers. If your firm holds those funds in a separate account, such as an IOLTA Trust Account, then the Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software is the best way to manage those funds.

Can I customize Tabs3 reports?

Yes. Tabs3 Billing Software lets you customize your reports. You can choose which columns are included on a report and you can use formatting, such as bold fonts or shadows to highlight specific parts of a report.

Can I get a quick financial view of a client?

Yes. The Tabs3 Billing Software Client Manager gives you a quick look into all of a client’s vital statistics. A client’s contact information, recent payments, work-in-process, accounts receivable, balance and funds are neatly presented on-screen.

Tabs3 Billing Software’s Client Manager also gives you one-click access to the ten tasks you do most often. Customize them so that the reports you run and the forms you fill out every day are only one click away.

What is a “Timekeeper?”

A “timekeeper” is anyone who has their time tracked in Tabs3 Billing Software.

What is an “Active User?”

An “active user” is anyone who is logged into Tabs3 Billing Software at a given time.

How do I convert from Timeslips to Tabs3 Billing Software?

Tabs3 Billing Software comes with a free program that will automatically convert your Version 10 to Version 2016 Timeslips data to Tabs3. You can learn more about this conversion program, and our 20% discount here.

What is the difference between single user and multi-user?

Single user versions of Tabs3 Billing Software only allow one active user at a time. This means that Tabs3 can be installed on a network and accessed by several people’s computers, but only one person can use Tabs3 at a time. A multi-user version allows many people to use Tabs3 at the same time.

What are the benefits of a maintenance plan?

A one year maintenance plan is included with new licenses of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software. A maintenance plan provides you with free technical support, software updates, and substantial discounts on upgrading Tabs3 software to allow more users or gain more features.

Can I accept credit card payments using Tabs3?

Yes. By signing up for a merchant account with TSYS Merchant SolutionsSM, you will have the ability to authorize credit card payments directly in Tabs3. Learn more about Tabs3 credit card processing.