Accounts Payable

Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software (APS) makes bill paying easier.

Write Checks

Print a batch of checks or use the Quick Print feature to print a single check. Record handwritten checks. Print memos on checks. Enter invoices and let APS calculate the vendor discount. Use the partial payment feature to control how much you want to pay and how often. Put invoices on hold to prevent them from being paid until you want them to be paid. Combine multiple invoices from the same vendor on a single check.


Categorize expenses for General Ledger Software when you enter invoices and checks. Include other Tabs3 information on reports such as the cost information if a cost was assigned through Tabs3 Billing or which General Ledger account was used for the transaction. Post unpaid invoices to General Ledger to provide an accrual financial statement snapshot.

Create 1099 Forms

Print 1099 forms and combine amounts paid to vendors and Trust Accounting payees to meet IRS thresholds.

Save Time

Automatically enter recurring transactions and summarize vendor payments. See all of your checks in one easy-to-use check register.