Tips for Searching

At its simplest, a query can be just a word or a phrase. But with the tips on this page, you can expand the focus of your search to give you more complete results.

To Search ForUse a Search Type of:ExampleResults
An exact phraseexact phraseclient managerAll articles containing the words client manager.
All of the words but not in a specific order
all of the words

client manager
All articles containing both client and manager not necessarily in that order.
Any of the wordsany of the wordsclient managerAll articles containing client (not necessarily manager) and all articles containing manager (not necessarily client).
Words with the same prefixall of the wordsallocat*All articles containing words with the prefix allocat (i.e., allocate, allocating, allocated, allocation, and so on).
All forms of a wordall of the wordsbegin**All articles containing begin, began, begun, and so on.


  • Searches are case-insensitive, therefore uppercase or lowercase text can be used.
  • Common words are ignored when performing a search (e.g., an, a, the, for).
  • Punctuation marks such as the period, colon, semicolon, and comma are ignored when performing a search.
  • When performing a search for the following characters, enclose the search within double quotation marks: &, |, ^, #, @, $, (, )