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Version 19 updates the look and feel of all Tabs3 Software products. The enhancements range from new colors and screens that take advantage of the space of larger monitors, to a home page with easier access to the features you use most, and tabbed interface that make it easy to multi-task as things come up during the day.

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Clients on Version 18

If your firm is on maintenance and currently running Version 18, you can update to the most recent release of Version 19 today.


Before You Update


Read the Version 19 Conversion Instructions here.

Find more Version 19 information and resources in the Knowledge Base.



Ready to Update?

Download the Update 



Clients on Version 19

If your firm is currently running Version 19, you can update to the latest release of Version 19.


Ready to Update?



Is your firm on maintenance?

Updates are only available for firms on maintenance. If you are not on maintenance

and are interested in updating, please contact or (402) 419-2200.


I’m on an older version, how do I update?


Depending on the version of the software you currently have installed and the version of the software you are updating to, multiple downloads and conversions may need to be performed.

For example, if you are on Version 17 and want to update to Version 19, you must first download and install the Version 17 to Version 18 Update, and perform the conversion to Version 18. You must then download and install the Version 18 to Version 19 Update and perform the conversion to Version 19.


You can find Software Update Links for older versions here.

Please note that if you are on Version 12 or older, you will need to work with the Tabs3 Conversion Team or a Tabs3 Consultant to convert your data. You can get started converting your data here or contact your consultant directly.


How do I know what version I’m on?

Select Help | About from any Tabs3 Software product. 


Get Help Updating


Contact a Tabs3 Consultant 

Tabs3 Billing, Financial, and PracticeMaster software and training is available through a national network of consultants. Our consultants can help you update to the latest version of Tabs3 Software and make sure you know how to use all the great features in the most recent release. Contact your consultant directly, or submit a contact form here.


Contact Tabs3 


Technical Support

(402) 419-2210



(402) 419-2200


Get Connected!

Get Connected!

Enter fees, access your calendar, review client documents, and more.

Get Organized with PracticeMaster

Get Organized with PracticeMaster

Contacts, Calendars, E-mails, Documents, and Case Information have never been this easy to find.

Accept Credit Cards

Accept Credit Cards

The best way for Tabs3 users to accept credit cards. Integrated. Low-rates for Tabs3 Users.

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