Working from home

with Tabs3 Billing, PracticeMaster, and Tabs3 Financials.

With remote working becoming more widespread, we want to help ensure that you can access Tabs3 Software outside the traditional office without affecting performance. The following resources are meant to help you decide which solution is right for your firm. Our support team is also available to answer your questions; you can call Tabs3 Support at (402) 419-2210 or complete a support request form.

Remote Solutions
Below are four ways to access Tabs3 Software from outside the office. You can also download a PDF of this information.

Remote Access Software:

Get complete access to your desktop.

Using remote access software, you can easily and securely connect to your work computer from anywhere with an internet connection. As long as your computer is on in the office and the remote software is installed on both your home computer and your office computer, you will have complete access to your work desktop including software like Tabs3 or Microsoft Office.

You can also use your firm’s network hardware to allow a secure connection (such as VPN) to your office computer from the internet. This may require configuration by an IT professional.

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Tabs3 Platinum + Connect:

Access essential features in Tabs3 Software.

Tabs3 Platinum includes the option to use Tabs3 Connect for out-of-office (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer) access to essential features in Tabs3 Software like entering billable time or checking your calendar. Communicating with your staff is an essential part of working from home. When you use Tabs3 Platinum you also get access to advanced features like HotBackup, Auto-Recovery, and eNote which allows you to send quick, secure messages that won’t get lost in an email inbox.

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Cloud Hosting with ProCirrus:

Get complete access to your desktop and outsourced IT management.

ProCirrus is the preferred cloud hosting platform for Tabs3 Software; their team specializes in supporting professional service firms with strong compliance, security, and performance requirements so your network is secure.

When you use ProCirrus, you eliminate all your IT hassles and you can access your network from anywhere because ProCirrus hosts your entire network for you and takes care of all the data management.

Please note the conversion process to ProCirrus may take a few weeks to implement.

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CosmoLex by Tabs3:

A cloud solution for billing and practice management.

CosmoLex is a new addition to the Tabs3 Software family, run completely in the cloud.

You can run your entire law practice on CosmoLex, with no QuickBooks required. You will be able to access all CosmoLex features on your desktop and in a mobile-friendly display from anywhere with an internet connection. CosmoLex is made by Tabs3, which means we can help make migrating your data from Tabs3 a seamless process.

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