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Tabs3 Software. Reliable Software. Trusted Service.Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Training Videos

Training Videos

Overviews Duration
  Tabs3 Software Overview  5:21
  Tabs3 Billing Basics 3:21
  PracticeMaster Overview 4:46
  Tabs3 Financials Overview  4:03
  Platinum Overview 3:07
General Information Duration
  What's New in Version 2020  2:03
  Navigating Through the Software 6:31
  Customizing & Using Quick Launch 3:11
  Using and Customizing My Actions 4:14
  Tabbed Mode Splitscreen 1:53
  Working with Reports 5:15
  Credit Cards Using LawPay  5:20
Getting Started Duration
  Firm Information 1:49
  User Configuration 2:06
  Using Access Profiles 3:34
Tabs3 Billing Duration
  Tabs3 Billing Customization 3:46
  Getting Paid Using Online Payments 2:17
  Using the Recap of Hours 2:06
  Tabs3 Data Entry Shortcuts 4:46
  Getting Started with Clients  4:01
  Working with Timekeepers 3:10
  How Rates Work  3:36
  Effective Date of New Rates  2:00
  Flat Fee Billing  2:45
  Split Billing  3:37
  Contingency Billing  3:22
  Working with Fees 3:09
  Working with Costs 3:06
  Statement Generation Basics  4:41
  Utilizing Statement Templates  3:45
  Working with Payments 3:34
  eBilling Using Taskbill  4:03
Tabs3 Financials Duration
  Easy Filing 1099s Using Tabs3 E-file 3:05
  TAS Customization Settings  2:22
  APS Customization Settings  2:53
  General Ledger Client Settings  2:00

Information on using the training videos can be found by clicking the Help button at the top of the screen.