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Version 2020 focuses on a common theme: simplicity. New features simplify payments, fraud detection, reporting, & more.


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December 2020:  Version 2021 is now available. How to update.

I'm on an older version, how do I update?
If you are on Version 18 or older, you need to install previous versions before updating.


What’s New in Version 2020?

The New Matter Manager


Simplify: Accepting Payments

Email statements with a payment link so clients can pay quickly and securely. Payments are applied to client accounts so you don't have to enter a thing.

Positive Pay

Simplify: Fraud Protection

With one click, you can now export a list of checks printed in Tabs3 Accounts Payable or Tabs3 Trust Accounting to be submitted to your bank's Positive Pay System.


Simplify: Reporting

Get insight into your billing and collections with the Tabs3 Billing dashboard. Tabs3 Financials dashboards provide easy access to features you use every day.

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