Version 19 Update

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Updating to the most recent version of Tabs3 Software does more than provide access to client requested features and enhancements. When you update, you get on maintenance which means you can call or email support to learn about new features or get help with Tabs3.


See what’s new in Version 19.

Version 19 updates the look and feel of all Tabs3 Software products. The enhancements range from new colors and screens that take advantage of the space of larger monitors, to a home page with easier access to the features you use most, and tabbed interface that make it easy to multi-task as things come up during the day.

Is your firm on maintenance?

Updates are only available for firms on maintenance. If you are not on maintenance

and are interested in updating, please contact or (402) 419-2200.

Not sure if your firm is on maintenance? Find out here.

Get Help Updating


Contact a Tabs3 Consultant 

Tabs3 Billing, Financial, and PracticeMaster software and training is available through a national network of consultants. Our consultants can help you update to the latest version of Tabs3 Software and make sure you know how to use all the great features in the most recent release. Contact your consultant directly, or submit a contact form here.


Contact Tabs3 

Technical Support

(402) 419-2210

Email Support



(402) 419-2200


Version 19 Feature Spotlight

Customize Tabs3 to work for you.

Not everyone uses Tabs3 the same way. That’s why we added even more customization features in Version 19. If you run the same report every day, add it to your home page. Working on the same matter every day? Pin it to your Quick Launch and access it with a single click.


“LOVE the new look! So much easier to read and the tabs at the top are great! Much easier to reference back and forth; I can leave a screen open that I use a lot and easily find it – rather than guess which minimized item it was.”

– Chris Weaver, Weaver Law | Version 19 User





Version 19 Integration Spotlight

Clients pay faster with the ProPay payment link.

Tabs3 users and their clients love the ProPay payment link. With this Version 19 feature, clients can securely pay their bill with just a few clicks. Once they’ve paid, you can import all the payments at once. You’ll get paid faster and importing those payments is easier than ever.


“This is such a slick program!! I emailed out my statements yesterday and already had payments this morning.”

– Tracy Moerer, Rembolt Ludtke LLP | Version 19 User




Do I have to pay to update?

If your firm is on maintenance, there is no fee to update. If your firm is not on maintenance and you are interested in updating, please contact us by filling out this form or (402) 419-2200.

Is my firm on maintenance?

Give us a call at (402) 419-2200 or fill out this form and we can tell you. You’ll want to have your serial number handy, you can find it by selecting Help | About from any Tabs3 Software product.

What version am I on?

You can find your version number by selecting Help | About from any Tabs3 Software product.

Can I get help updating?

You can call Tabs3 Support at (402) 419-2210 and we can walk you through the update process. Your consultant can also help you update.