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The Importance of Backing Up Software

Join us in this 30-minute session to take a closer look at common backup concerns, how to create a backup strategy that is right for your firm, and learn about the built-in backup options in the software.

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How to Track Collections Within Tabs3

Do you have trouble tracking how much a client owes you? Do you find it’s difficult to determine when you last followed up with them regarding their overdue balance?

Following up on overdue balances can be a time-consuming task, but with Tabs3, you can easily track how much a client owes you, how much is overdue, and document the last time you talked to them! Join our new 30-minute webinar, How to Track Collections Within Tabs3, to learn how to track collections and how you can shift the collections risk from your firm.

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Document Management

Document management makes it easy to find documents you and your colleagues worked on last week, last month, or even last year. Automatically name and store documents the right way, every time, so that nothing gets lost. Join us to learn about this time-saving feature.

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Accepting Credit Cards

Join our product management team and learn how accepting credit cards in your law practice will save you time and money. In this half-hour session, you will see how to use Tabs3 Billing software to process credit card payments, and how Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software may help you comply with bar association guidelines.

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Everything You Need to Know About 1099s

The 1099 doesn’t need to be complicated. To help simplify things, view the recording to learn about the basics, the new deadlines you should know, and how easy it is to fill out 1099-MISC forms with Tabs3 software.

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CalendarRules and PracticeMaster

CalendarRules makes it easy to stay on top of the most up-to-date court rules in real time and has rules for all 50 states. This can really add to the power of PracticeMaster for your firm. View the recording for an in-depth session on the new CalendarRules integration.

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