Microsoft Certified Partner

Software Technology has earned Gold Certified Partner status in Microsoft Corp.’s Partner Program recognizing Software Technology's expertise and total impact in the technology marketplace. As a Gold Certified Partner, Software Technology has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customer needs. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receive a rich set of benefits, including access, training and support, that give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


LawPay's easy-to-use online payment technology was developed just for lawyers. No debits are allowed from your IOLTA, at any time for any reason, guaranteed. Simply put, no online payment processor has more experience helping lawyers than LawPay*. More importantly, LawPay* ensures your firm accepts payments in compliance with ABA and IOLTA guidelines.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing and Tabs3 Trust Accounting

*Integration fees may apply.


Most Americans prefer to use credit cards to pay for their daily personal and business expenses. ProPay integrates with Tabs3 Trust Accounting, and lets you accept credit cards from your clients. The easier it is to pay, the faster you get paid, the fewer collection calls you need to make, and the fewer write offs you will have.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing, Tabs3 Trust Accounting


Nelco is the official check provider for Tabs3 Software. Nelco offers checks and forms that are guaranteed to work with Tabs3 Accounts Payable and Trust Accounting Software. Nelco also offers other forms and supplies such as W-2 forms, 1040 and bond forms, and secure envelopes.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Accounts Payable, Tabs3 Trust Accounting

PenSoft Payroll Solutions

Pensoft provides professional payroll software for any small to mid-sized US businesses and accommodates any combination of incomes, deductions, benefits, taxes, and more.

Integrates with: Tabs3 General Ledger


CalendarRules offers general civil litigation-related court and agency rules for State, Federal, Appellate and Bankruptcy courts across the United States. Currently, rules are available in 50 states, with additional courts being added every month. If a firm needs rules not currently offered, they’ll add them within 60 days. CalendarRules is the only rules provider that makes updated rules available in real time.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster


From copier and fax control, to phones, postage meters, and laser pointers, Copitrak products offer total automation and turnkey solutions to any cost recovery need.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing


dtSearch allows clients to search for text within email attachments and linked documents and builds a search index that stores the location of words in your data.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster


Equitrac’s solutions are mission critical to all enterprises that are looking to more effectively manage their printing environments, reduce printing costs, increase security, and lessen their environmental impact.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing


HotDocs specializes in document automation and assembly and allows law firms to automate the generation of transactional legal documents, such as complex wills, trusts, and contracts.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster


Intapp offers a fast, intuitive interface for convenient and secure time entry. When using Intapp, attorneys can download their time directly into Tabs3.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing

ISI Infortext

ISI Infortext provides call accounting and telemangement products to firms of all sizes throughout the US. ISI Infortext's Quality Mangement Systems are ISO-9001 certified.

Intrgrates with: Tabs3 Billing


NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management service that provides enterprise-level security, mobility, disaster recovery, and collaboration solutions for organizations with high data security requirements, such as law firms. PracticeMaster’s integration allows you to access NetDocuments files via the Client or Matter Manager programs as well as include them in your Conflict of Interest searches.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster


QuickBooks enables firms to save time, money, and staff resources by reducing the chance of data entry errors and eliminates duplicate entries between QuickBooks and Tabs3 billing.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing


ScanSnap scanners take the complication out of document imaging with one-button ease of use. Perfect for home and small business environments, the ScanSnap family of scanners bring duplex multu-sheet scanning to everyone, combining performance and affordability in a compact size.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster

Transaction Recovery Systems, Inc.

Transaction Recovery Systems, Inc., provides the legal community with photocopy expense recovery systems. Additional expenses, such as fax pages and postage, can also be tracked for billing purposes.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing

Trisys Telecom

Trisys, Inc., provides call accounting tracks and automatically reports all incoming and outgoing calls in addition to monitoring internal transferred and abandoned calls.

Integrates with: Tabs3 Billing


With Trumpet, you don't have to think about OCR. The very act of saving a PDF in PracticeMaster means it will automatically become text searchable because Symphony OCR happens automatically as a back end process.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster

Visioneer, Inc.

Visioneer, Inc., provides intelligent imaging solutions that enable users to communicate more creatively and effectively. Images scanned by Visioneer products can be linked to cases for tracking, displaying, and printing.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster


Worldox is a document management system which incorporates document management, email and object management, and intranet / extranet capability thought Worldox / web.

Integrates with: PracticeMaster