Trust Accounting

Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software manages trust accounts for your clients accurately and easily.


Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software provides seamless integration with Tabs3 Billing Software, Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software and Tabs3 General Ledger Software, with the same look and feel as Tabs3 Billing Software.

When integrated with Tabs3 Billing, trust balances appear on work-in-process reports. Trust transactions or balances can also appear on billing statements. Payments made to your firm from a client’s trust account can automatically record a payment in Tabs3.

Because Tabs3 Trust Accounting software was designed to work with other Tabs3 products, you can call one Technical Support team for assistance if you ever have questions.

Ease of Use

Track an unlimited number of trust accounts and manage up to 99 different bank accounts. The software warns you when an account goes below a minimum balance, and helps you easily reconcile your bank statements.

Easily Manage Your Trust Accounts

Print checks, ledgers for individual trust accounts and bank accounts, and IRS 1099 forms. You can also process client deposits via credit card (merchant account required, click here for more details).


The Home Page in Trust Accounting features a Dashboard that includes an easy to use graphical view of the firm’s trust account standing. The Bank Accounts widget provides a summary of your firm’s active trust bank accounts. You can easily start a reconciliation or bank transaction import right from the Home Page. The Recent Trust Transactions widget shows the most recent trust transactions and combined trust transactions.

Positive Pay

Trust Accounting includes a new Positive Pay Export program that allows you to export a list of approved checks that can then be uploaded to your bank or financial institution’s fraud prevention program (commonly known as Positive Pay).