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Accepting Payments Has Never Been Easier

Law firms that accept credit cards get paid sooner and collect a higher percentage of their billable work than firms that don't.

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Why use Tabs3Pay to Accept Payments?

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Accepting credit cards is more than just convenience for your clients:

  • Get paid faster
  • Reduce write offs
  • Spend less time collecting past due billings
  • Eliminate manual errors
  • Save time and collection hassles
  • Certified PCI compliant and secure


“I switched my company processing to the new Tabs3Pay solution last year and it has been wonderful! We get next-day funding, and a very competitive rate. Best of all we don’t even have to touch receipts when clients pay their bills, which eliminates the chances of data-entry errors. My clients love it, because they don’t have to waste time or money mailing a check, and I don’t have to worry about compromised mail. Totally a win-win!”

Cathleen Prichard

Law Firm Automation, Inc.

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Why should our firm consider accepting electronic payments?

Accepting electronic payments is more than just convenient for your clients. Sign up in minutes to experience these benefits:

  • Ability to send payment links with email statements
  • Faster payments from clients
  • Designed for trust accounts - separate earned and unearned fees
  • Fewer collection calls, and the ability to take payments over the phone
  • Fewer write offs
  • Built into the Tabs3 Software to save time and reduce mistakes
  • Simple pricing
  • Low processing fees

How can I sign up to accept credit cards through Tabs3Pay?

You can sign up and enable Tabs3Pay in Tabs3 Billing or Trust. In the Quick Launch, search for and select "Tabs3Pay Web Portal," then click the Let's Get Started button. If you have questions about setting up a Tabs3Pay account, you can contact Tabs3 Support at 402-419-2210.

Are there any initial costs to sign up for Tabs3Pay?

There is no initial fee or subscription required to sign up for and use Tabs3Pay.

Which cards can I accept?

Tabs3Pay allows you to accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, Diner's Club®, and JCB credit cards as well as Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

How do ACH transactions work?

The eCheck feature in Tabs3 Billing creates an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction using the routing and account numbers of the payee's checking or savings account. These payments will display as ACH transactions on the payee's bank statement.

Where is Tabs3Pay available?

At this time Tabs3Pay is limited to firms within the 50 US states. Tabs3Pay is not available to firms outside of the United States, or in US territories such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, at this time.

What is surcharging?

Surcharging is a service offered by Tabs3Pay that allows firms to take advantage of the convenience of credit card processing while minimizing the expense of processing fees. While processing fees are normally paid by the firm, with surcharging, credit card fees are paid by the cardholder instead. Only credit card transactions (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.) are subject to surcharging. Processing fees for debit card and ACH (eCheck) transactions continue to be paid by the firm.

How do I enable surcharging?

If you have not yet signed up for Tabs3Pay, simply update to Version 2022 (Build 22.1.8 or later) and sign up for Tabs3Pay. The option of enabling surcharging will be included in the signup process. If you are already using Tabs3Pay, contact Tabs3 Support at 402-419-2210 for assistance with enabling surcharging on your existing account.

Will the clients see the surcharge on their receipts?

Yes, the surcharge is included as a separate line item on receipts and when paying via a Tabs3Pay payment link. Regulations require that surcharges be displayed separately.

How soon can I expect payments to be deposited to my bank account?

Tabs3Pay processes transactions each business day by 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, including all transactions entered before 7:45 p.m., and will deposit those monies into your account on the next business day. Any transactions run after the cutoff time of 7:45 p.m. Eastern Time will go into the following day's batch. You can view the status of each transaction via the Tabs3Pay Web Portal, which is accessible from Tabs3 Billing or Trust (Reports | Credit Card | Tabs3Pay Web Portal). You can obtain the reference numbers for each transaction using the Credit Card Authorization List (Reports | Credit Card | Credit Card Authorization List). If you think a deposit is taking longer than necessary to process, or you need assistance with the Tabs3Pay Web Portal, you can contact Tabs3 Support at 402-419-2210. Note: If surcharging is enabled, funds are deposited into your bank account in two business days.

When do the fees come out of my account?

Fees will be withdrawn separately at the end of the month. For example, if your firm processes $1,000 today, you will see a deposit for $1,000. At the end of the month, you will see a withdrawal for all of the fees for transactions processed in the past month. This is commonly referred to as gross settlement.  

Does Tabs3 Software support Trust (IOLTA) deposits?

Tabs3 Software supports trust credit card processing and ensures that deposits can go into Trust while fees are only taken from the Operating account.

Can clients pay their bills directly via Tabs3Pay?

Yes! The Tabs3 Payment Link feature allows clients to pay their bill safely and securely via a link included with their emailed statement. Once a payment is made, it can then be imported into Tabs3 Billing.

Can we waive surcharging for specific clients?

Once surcharging is enabled for your firm, it applies to all credit card transactions.

How does surcharging affect transactions in Tabs3 Billing and Trust?

All surcharging is handled by Tabs3Pay directly. When you enter payments and deposits, you will continue to enter the amount to be paid or deposited in Tabs3 Billing or Trust. Tabs3Pay will add the surcharge to that amount automatically and include it on the receipt. Only the original pre-surcharge payment or deposit amount will be used by the software, including with GL journal entries.