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Stay up to date with the newest version of Tabs3 Software. The latest enhancements improve efficiency with the Conflict of Interest Search, as well as provide easier ways to work with statements from the Tabs3 Billing Matter Manager.


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I’m on an older version, how do I update?
If you are on Version 19 or older, you need to install previous versions before updating. Beginning with Version 2020, a maintenance plan or monthly subscription is required for continued use of Tabs3 Software.


What’s New in Version 2024?



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Conflict of Interest Updates

Several enhancements have been introduced for the Conflict of Interest Search, including the ability to rebuild the Conflict/Contact index while users continue to work in the software. A new Rebuild Schedule tab has been added to the Search Settings window to create recurring tasks for rebuilds. Additionally, index rebuilds and refreshes are now accelerated, and an email notification can be sent when completed, making it easier to perform these tasks during the work day.

Matter Manager Enhancements

Several enhancements have been added to the Matter Manager, including the option to adjust flat fees or perform split billing from the Quick Clicks pane. Additionally, if your matter has a final statement that needs to be updated, you can now click on the Final Statement badge to open the Update Statements utility. This makes updating individual statements easier than ever.

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