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Tabs3 Connect is available at no additional charge for firms enrolled in maintenance plans for both Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Platinum. Alternatively, an annual subscription can be purchased for each user by firms who have a Platinum license of either Tabs3 or PracticeMaster.

When using the Platinum version of both Tabs3 and PracticeMaster, the number of PracticeMaster licenses you have determines the number of people that can be logged into PracticeMaster and Tabs3 Connect at the same time. For example, if 10 people are logged into PracticeMaster at your office and 5 people are logged into Tabs3 Connect, you will need 15 PracticeMaster licenses. If one attorney has PracticeMaster open on his desktop and then logs into Tabs3 Connect, this counts as two logins. Furthermore, the number of users that can be configured for Tabs3 Connect is limited to the active user limit of your firm's PracticeMaster license (plus the number of users for your Tabs3 Connect Billing license - if any).

When using an annual Tabs3 Connect subscription, only the number of user subscriptions for the license can use Tabs3 Connect.

Tabs3 Connect gives you full read and write access to fee, cost, client, contact, and calendar records. You can also use the Matter Manager with Tabs3 Connect so that from one window, you can see client and contact information along with all matter activity including emails, client notes, documents, fee/cost transactions, and phone records. The Matter Manager also gives you quick access to a billing summary that includes the client’s current balance due, last statement and payment dates, trust account balance, and more.

In order to use Tabs3 Connect your firm must have the Platinum version of either Tabs3 and/or PracticeMaster and must be on maintenance. Tabs3 Connect is compatible with any current Internet browser, and will work on any phone, tablet, or laptop with an Internet connection.

Yes. Tabs3 Connect uses an Internet connection to access your data, therefore you must maintain an Internet connection during use.

Because Tabs3 Connect runs entirely over the Internet, you do not need to install anything on your phone, tablet, or computer to use it. In fact, no data is stored on your device at all. So if your tablet crashes or you lose your phone, rest assured that your data is safe.

No, it is not necessary to be logged in to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster at the office in order to use Tabs3 Connect.

Yes. Tabs3 Connect uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt your data so that it cannot be compromised. This is the same kind of data protection that most credit card companies and banking websites use to keep their customers’ data confidential. Furthermore, your data is not stored on the device or on; it stays on your server in your office.

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